Project days

First Year – Adaptation project

During the initial days of the school year new students meet with our current students and have opportunity to discuss with them all useful information concerning our school and school life.

The new students also learn about the locality of our school by a very interesting scavenger hunt. In addition, all students of the first year participate in a two-week field trip where they get to know each other better by means of several psychological and social games.

Second Year – Ecological Day

In the second year, our students participate in a field trip to an ecological center.

Students attend lectures about breeding domestic animals and agricultural technologies. They also have opportunity to observe and look after various animals.

Third Year – “Botič” project

This project is part of ecological education.

During three days students are divided into eight specialized groups. Each group focuses on a specific topic such as hydrobiology, chemistry of water, zoology of terrestrial animals etc. They attend various lectures and undertake field work at the Botič stream.

(This stream has special meaning for us because our school was named after it.)

Fourth Year – Language Course

During a two-day project course students work in groups of 3-5 on media products such as newspapers, short movies, commercials, etc. They have to work with original resources and the product has to be in English, French, German or Russian.

The theme of the project has changed from “Famous European Scientists” or “Our School”, “I am Czech and I am proud of …” to “English Proverbs”. As a follow up, they present their work in front of their fellow students and teaching staff on a project course.

The entire field trip is four days long and takes place in the countryside, far from hustle and bustle of the capital city of Prague. At the trip our students can choose from a number of language classes. The classes differ from the typical courses which students attend during the school year.

They are more fun, interactive and students have more opportunities to practice the language. Sport and walks also play an important role there.

Evžen Markalous

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