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Welcome to Gymnázium Botičská

Botičská Grammar School is a 4 year state co-educational school. In the United Sates it is equivalent to a High School.

School, located in a historic building dating from 1882, is a school with over fifty years’ tradition.

Nowadays, about 400 students attend thirteen classes as part of four-year study programme. Our school specializes in natural science, specifically biology and chemistry. It has a long tradition of preparing students not only to study medicine and science at University, but also in other fields of higher education.

The success in our graduates’ admission to higher education has long been well above average. According to the Institute for Information on Education, we traditionally belong among the most successful grammar schools in Prague.

Students take their meals outside the school building in the canteen in Podskalská street which is about 5 minutes’ walk from the school.

On the school grounds there is a sports complex, which is covered by an inflatable bubble during winter months, thus permitting students to participate in school sporting events and physical education all year round. In addition, students can spend their free time in the Leisure Centre (student cafe, school library) which is situated in the basement of the building.

Between 1998 and 2009 we constructed specialized hi-tech laboratories for biology, physics, geography and chemistry as well as a second computer lab with 17 PC’s.

We continuously improve equipping the school with computer and audiovisual technologies. A school secure wif-fi network is available to all students and teachers. Students have free daily access to computer labs.

Eleven out of twenty classrooms are equipped with data projectors. Two classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Since 2006, we have been using Škola OnLine system which allows us to effectively communicate with students and parents about the schedule, grades, welfare, behaviour, attendance and all school events on-line.

Traditional educational, sporting and extra curricular activities held during the school year include

  • student’s academic thesis BOČ
  • science workshops
  • high school professional activity
  • annual school ball
  • exchange programmes
  • Garden Party
  • athletic championships
  • Christmas Volleyball Tournament and Christmas concerts
  • historical-literary competition Toulky Prahou
  • ″Olympiad″ and other competitions
  • Various projects at the beginning of the school year
  • FCE and CAE exams and mock exams
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award – since 2017 (www.dofe.cz)

The atmosphere of the school

One of the top priorities of our school is to create a pleasant and positive atmosphere for both students and teachers. In addition, we continously endeavor to ensure that a high level of respect and due care is instilled in both teaching staff and students towards each other, school facilities and visitors to the school not only in the school but also when participating in field trips and excursions.

Students’ comments

I would like to recommend this school for its positive atmosphere. In most classrooms there are some interesting animals such as gecko, chameleons, snakes and spiders, which reflects the scientific focus of the school. Students and teachers know each other so there are no barriers to solve problems. Teachers are sympathetic to the students and often help and encourage us. Enjoy studying.

Josef Girgel, 4th year student

At the school what I like most is the friendly atmosphere and all the animals we have here. I am a member of a group of students who takes care of them. It makes me feel happy and satisfied.

Zuzka Bednářová, 1st year student

Botičská grammar school prepares us for all study fields (especially science) which we will be able to discuss really perfectly after graduation. Our school is easily accessible from all parts of Prague. One thing I miss at this school is have more sport at the school because it interests me alot!

Adéla Jelínková, 1st Grade

Evžen Markalous

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