History of the building

Our building has served many purposes: in the 16th century it used to be a hospital; in the 18th century mentally disadvantaged people found refuge in the building and in the beginning of the 19th century the building was converted into a poorhouse for the poor and elderly and also served as an orphanage. The original building was demolished in 1884.

Vyšehradská třída in the 17th century
Vyšehradská třída in the 17thcentury

The contemporary look of the building dates from 1884. During WWI it was a military hospital specializing in leg amputations. After that it was used as a retirement home until 1930 when it was given to the Ministry of Health and finally to the Ministry of Justice (in 1939). The aforementioned part of the building complex now belongs to our school, which was established in 1958.

Formerly, students were taught in the neighbouring school which is now an elementary school. But the capacity of the school was insufficient, so the Ministry of Justice reallocated part of their rooms for the needs of education.

During the years, our school has undergone many changes to meet the high standards of a highly equipped natural sciences school together with opportunities for extra curricular activities for our students.

Evžen Markalous

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