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These mysterious letters stand for two things unique to Botičská Grammar School. If you ask anybody from outside our school, they will have little understanding about the meaning or significance of these letters. But for the students and teachers of Botičská Grammar School these acronyms have a very clear significance, and they have become one of the things which our school has been most proud of. So what do they stand for?

BOČ (Botičská odborná činnost) is an academic research paper which our students write during their studies at Botičská Grammar School. The topics of the papers range from those related exclusively to natural sciences to the ones on the interface of natural and social sciences. Students commence work on their paper in their 2nd year and present their results at the final school-leaving exam in their 4th year.

The following are just a few of the interesting topics our students have been researching:

  • Taste as part of the endocrine regulation
  • The effect of smoking cigarettes on a human body
  • Sound compression
  • Modern bridges in the Czech Republic
  • Training of guide dogs

SKOP (Seminář k odborné práci) is an obligatory school subject in which students learn to write academic research papers. They consult their problems with their supervisor, present the progress of their paper to the other students, etc. SKOP is thus a subject which helps students with their work on.

Evžen Markalous

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