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Avid Nature Lovers’ Club

This club was founded in January 2007, giving its members – avid nature lovers – an opportunity to visit interesting Czech countryside locations both within and outside of Prague once a month. These excursions are led by Petr Šíma or other experts from various institutions we’ve visited or by special request. You can sign up for these excursions on the noticeboard on the first floor, which is opposite the noticeboard with schedules.

The Avid Nature Lovers’ Club Chronicle was founded in May 2009. P. Lukeš from 3.A almost gave up on the difficult task of writing for the Chronicle. It was later decided that the best possible solution would be for individual entries to be recorded by students who participated in the excursions. The Chronicle is still waiting for a responsible student to take on this task.

To view excursion photos, please see Rajče.

You can select photos from different excursions to view by clicking on the following files:

Breeder’s Club

The Breeders’ Club meets every Thursday at 14:45. You can learn many interesting facts about aquatic and terrarium animals, particularly those you can observe at our school. You will hear about what they look like, where they live, and a lot of helpful advice on how to create an ideal environment for them and also how to breed them. Another aspect of our club consists of taking care of our breeding corner – feeding, cleaning and taking part in other activities that help to keep the animals satisfied.

See web pages for this club

September 2015 Announcements

Leguán zelený A supporter of our school donated a beautiful green iguana (Iguana Iguana), and the first meeting was held on the 9th of September.

July / August 2015 Announcements

We moved all the animals from classroom 35 on the first floor to classroom 29 on the ground floor.

February 2014 Announcements

At the end of the semester, our animal collection was expanded to include two additional female leopard geckos (Eublepharis Macularis), so now you can see a total of 3 leopard geckos! These creatures are popular among breeders due to their varying colours and the absence of sex chromosomes. We also had a big “move” – the terrarium with snakes (the rattlesnake Adela and the gass snake Naděžda) joined the others in classroom 49.

September / October 2013 Announcements

After a year, the degus were born (Octodon degus), so we are very happy, because these new female degus joined the group in the spring. These South American rodents got used to each other, and after a three-month pregnancy, 5 pups were born at the end of September. Our former student donated a marginated tortoise (Testudo marginata) which is about 5 years old, so hopefully it will be with us for another 50 years.

In the small, outermost terrarium, four South African spiny mice (Acomys spinosissimus) replaced the black-tailed tree rat. These mice are among the smallest members of the mouse family.

Do not hesitate and come to visit us

Further information provide Kryštof Lindner or Petr Šíma, chemistry department.

New web pages of our club with the news and interesting facts, you find here.

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